JSPrintManager - Version History

  • Maintenance Release (2019-12-10)
    JSPrintManager.js patched to v2.0.3
    • New! License cache for better performance and support for offline scenarios.
    • New! Added JSPM.JSPrintManager.license_url to allow license setting on external server/URL.

  • Maintenance Release (2019-05-17)
    JSPrintManager.js patched to v2.0.2
    • Fixed! Raw commands encoding for chars in the range [128-255]/[80-FF].

  • Maintenance Release (2019-05-15)
    JSPrintManager.js patched to v2.0.1
    • Fixed! Error "Invalid ClientJob: Invalid printer type" when using JSPM.NetworkPrinter class.

  • Main Release (2019-01-20)
    • New! Print PDF silently without Adobe Reader or FoxIt Reader dependencies for Windows Clients!
    • New! PDF file custom printing settings like Print as Grayscale, Print Annotations, Rotation, Page Range and more! Refer to the PrintFilePDF class in the help doc
    • New! TXT file custom printing now featuring settings like Print Orientation, Text Alignment (Justify, Left, right, center); output font name, size, color and style (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough) and margins! Refer to the PrintFileTXT class in the help doc
    • New! Get Installed Printers from the client with useful info about them like PortName, Is Connected, Is Shared, Is Local, Is Network, DPI Resolution, as well as the list of supported Papers and list of trays/bins. With this info it's possible to infer whether a given device is a real/physical printer or a virtual printer
    • New! InstalledPrinter class now supports Tray Name and Paper Name settings. NOTE: The supported file formats allowed for these new settings are BMP, JPG, PNG, TXT and PDF
    • New! Print Server Mode which allows printing scenarios where mobile/sandboxed devices (running iOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc.) and Terminal Services/Citrix environments are involved
    • New! Support for non-Admin user accounts
    • Improved! Memory Managment and WebSockets communication

Version 1.0

  • Maintenance Release (2018-07-27)
    JSPrintManager.js patched to v1.0.2
    • Fixed! Honoring UTF8 BOM for raw printer commands.

  • Maintenance Release (2018-07-24)
    JSPrintManager.js patched to v1.0.1
    • Fixed! UTF8 string to Byte Array conversion.
    • Improved! WebSocket connection.

  • Initial Release (2018-07-16)